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What we do

Game Division

At ZigZaGame, we aim to bring fun to the world. Our genre expertise ranges from monster-catching RPGs to romance and match-3.

Our titles have been downloaded in 100 countries. No matter the market, quality and accessibility remain our top priorities.

Marketing Division

Our Marketing Division specializes in user acquisition and product promotion on a global level. With our precise audience insights, our team has reached hundreds of millions of players, bringing the world together to enjoy our games. In addition, we assist domestic Japanese developers in finding audiences abroad.

Publishing Division

Our Publishing Division works closely with other gaming companies to publish their titles internationally. With several years and multiple games’ worth of experience, we provide our publishing partners with the quality localization and live operations necessary for success on the global stage.


Neo Monsters

Tokyo Debunker

ZigZaGame’s mission is to make Japanese content global. We are creating an international hub in Tokyo for talented individuals who want to work in games and anime.

Lars KelleyCEO, ZigZaGame

About ZigZaGame

ZigZaGame Inc. is a global game development company specializing in the release of mobile titles for both the Japanese and overseas markets. Founded in 2008, ZigZaGame has grown over 12 years to become an industry pioneer, known for our chart-topping titles as well as our commitment to serving an ever-growing international audience. Our library includes the 2019 release of Evertale and the global hit Neo Monsters, released in 2015. At ZigZaGame, we merge our passion for gaming with keen market analysis to deliver unforgettable mobile entertainment to fans all around the world.


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Great players deserve great games. We make sure they get them, no matter where they live.


For game developers, each day is a new lesson. By studying the market, we give our users the quality they crave.


With our eyes set on innovation and new talent, we strive to create imaginary worlds unlike any other.

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